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Benjamin Yuen

Benjamin Yuen seized the opportunity to launch his acting career after capturing the title of Mr. Hong Kong 2007. He started off with minor roles to polish his acting skill and later gained recognition for the supporting role, Benjamin, in The Hippocratic Crush. Benjamin’s break out roles came as a dentist in A Fist Within Four Walls and a gangster who was actually an undercover agent in Line Walker: The Prelude where he experienced a surge in popularity. He received Most Popular Male Character award for his role “Ngah Lo” in A Fist Within Four Walls and his chiselled body shots went viral among netizens as he had been showing his muscle non-stop in Line Walker: The Prelude. As one of the most promising TVB artistes, Benjamin is taking on male leads this year in Threesome which is currently airing on FTV2HD, Tung-yan’s Time, and Another Era. Everybody will sure look forward to meeting the charming prince for the first time!